Ubiquitous product applications

3D printing solutions

The emergence of 3D printing completely liberates the shackles of mold design. The integration of three-dimensional and complex parts has become a reality, which adds wings to the creation of personalized products.Mirathane® provides 3D printing industry with new material solutions of multi-hardness grade, low shrinkage, high strength, high elasticity, high abrasion resistance and rich color to meet the needs of personalized customers.

What you think is what you get, Mirathane® advanced technology to help each link of the creation chain achieve digital mass production

Property and Features+

  • Colorful

  • Good abrasion resistance

  • High resilience property

  • high strength

  • Low shrinkage

  • Multiple hardness grades

Product application+

Provide efficient, low-cost, customized solutions

+Richer product application