Ubiquitous product applications

Industrial equipment solutions

Thanks to the high standards of research and development and production teams, Mirathane®TPU provides customers with more than 100 kinds of materials for industrial use such as high tensile strength, high wear resistance, tear resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance and compression deformation resistance.Can be used in high pressure oil pipe, pneumatic pipe, industrial sealing ring, conveyor belt, casters, transmission belt and other products, widely praised by customers.

"Always higher than the customer's safety standards" is our respect for the quality of industrial products
MirathaneTPU materials are used in advanced industrial scenes around the world and become the preferred choice of high-standard customers.

Property and Features+

  • Compression deformation

  • Good High temperature resistance

  • Low temperature resistance

  • Tear resistance

  • Good abrasion resistance

  • High tensile strength

Product application+

Provide efficient, low-cost, customized solutions

+Richer product application