Ubiquitous product applications

Sports and leisure solutions

Merui focuses on the development of new materials and the promotion of environmentally friendly processes in the field of sports and leisure.It not only has industry-leading TPU and ETPU products, but also has innovatively developed ETPSiU, EPUR, TPOU and other advanced materials with completely independent intellectual property rights. The products are applied to clothing, sports equipment, shoes and other products.Provide high-quality ID for the innovative development of cooperative brands, protect your health and comfort, and build a green home, we are in action.

Mirathane® will create advanced materials to make movement more scientific and science more fashionable

Property and Features+

  • Compression Molding

  • UV resistance

  • Anti slip

  • High rebound

Product application+

Provide efficient, low-cost, customized solutions

+Richer product application