Ubiquitous product applications

Automotive manufacturing solutions

Mirathane® has been applied in the automotive industry with diversified business and outstanding performance. Miracll has been awarded the automotive industry 16949 certification, and has always taken the 16949 standard as the company's operating principle.Thanks to the high standards of the R&D and production teams,Mirathane®TPU provides partners with special purpose materials featuring high tensile strength, high wear resistance, climate resistance, high and low temperature cycling resistance, low volatility and halogen-free flame retardant.The applications of the products include automobile dust cover, instrument panel, ABS cable, charging pile cable, spring jacket, high-speed railway interior decoration, sealing device, hydraulic oil pipe, air conditioning pipe, seat filling and leather, stealth car clothes and color changing film, etc.

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Mirathane®TPU is associated with safety, innovation and efficiency

Property and Features+

  • halogen free flame retardant

  • Low volatility

  • High and low temperature cycling resistance

  • Climate resistance

  • Good abrasion resistance

  • High tensile strength

Product application+

Provide efficient, low-cost, customized solutions

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