Ubiquitous product applications

Healthcare solutions

"Life is above all, safety always comes first" is the starting point and mission of Meirui medical materials research and development.Meirui provides customers with safe and high-performance TPU materials, with good biological stability and adaptability, high strength, processing versatility and green recycling processing capacity, which can be used for the production of transfusion hoses, protective clothing films, gloves, drug containers, biomimetic prostheses and other products.

We are committed to improving the health and well-being of the general population.
Mirathane®TPU and its partners actively create reforms and innovations in advanced medical technologies, and the resulting proprietary medical materials enjoy a worldwide reputation in clinical practice

Property and Features+

  • Environmental friendly

  • Processing versatility

  • high strength

  • adaptability

  • Biological stability

Product application+

Provide efficient, low-cost, customized solutions

+Richer product application