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We firmly believe that corporate social responsibility is an important part of corporate development.

HSE Responsibility

Miracll has established a HSE management department, which is responsible for the overall operation of the health, safety and environmental management system

  • Safety

    Safety is the foundation of life, Violation of regulations is the source of accident. Actively eliminate unsafe behavior and unsafe condition.

  • Environment

    We undertake an obligation to protect the environment by endeavoring to eliminate any emission of pollutants that may have a harmful impact on the environment and to minimize or minimize environmental, health and safety risks to our employees, partners, customers and surrounding areas.

  • Standard

    We have established a range of environmental, occupational health and safety objectives to continuously improve our HSE management through systematic management and performance assessment.

  • Target

    Our target is zero injury, zero accident, reduce the emission of three wastes, promote the sustainable development of the environment and human beings.

We are determined to do so

  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations, internal standards and other requirements
  • Actively prevent work-related injuries and occupational diseases, protect the environment, save energy, water and raw materials, and rationally recycle and utilize resources
  • Strive to create a safe working environment that protects employees and the public from harm and protects the environment

Social benefit

Miracll adheres to the social interests as the foundation of enterprise development, and has the courage to assume social responsibility, participate in social welfare activities, and demonstrate corporate social responsibility with practical actions. We have been taking actions.

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