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Fighting with COVID | 24hrs continuous production, New material help to overcome COVID

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      2020.2.5,Mriacll got the urgent demand from downstream medical protection clothing enterprise. We call an emergency meeting, purchase raw material, arrange the production line and workers, produce the material day and night. Chartered bus to end user after production , respond to the COVID in the fastest way. 

    The goods Miracll provide is HMVT TPU, with high vapor transfer ratio, waterproof, anti-microbial, soft hand feel, good resilience, good abrasion resistance etc. Compare with the protective clothing made by traditional material, the new protective clothing is better breathability, waterproof property, comfort, safty and durability. It can avoid skin allergy, isolate bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. Widely used for protective clothing, protective gloves, mask, etc. 

      At the same time, Miracll ordered 10,000 protective clothing and 100,000 medical glove worth over 1 million, donated to medical institution to help fight the epidemic. 


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